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About Us

We are the number one choice for your dental quality services. Our well trained staff treat our clients like queens and kings with care and love. We give our full attention to our customers and assist them in perfect diagnosis and treatment planning. we are good at infection prevention. Our philosophy is treating and serving our clients honourably.

Our company Green Life Specialty Dental Clinic is established with especial motto “providing the highest quality dental service by update technology and avoiding malpractice with well-equipped and trained practitioner”. Now a day’s people are searching the right treatment place to get real best quality service, because it reduces both the time and the cost above all to restore their healthy. If somebody gets a malpractice he/she will losses his/her healthy (affect the whole family and also has impact on their job), time (which even affect their company business and work flow) and much more extra money (expensive of a life) .Thus based on this factual ideas our company Green Life Specialty Dental Clinic established to fill a gap and satisfy our community need and solve their problems.
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In order to meet with our mission, our doctors were following the international training, symposium and conferences with international science based therapy and implement all international guidelines and update standards in our clinic. Therefore we have received many certificates on different time that accredited by International conference of Oral Implantology (ICOI). In doing so we believe we avoid any malpractice that lots of people suffer a lot in these days. We have received a recognition certificate from Bole Sub-city Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority for our services, ethical procedures and working as set up guide lines.



Our Customers highly appreciate our contribution to their best interest. Our dental clinic grew a list of returning clients! We look forward to you becoming one of them as well!



We work to
  • Provide quality dental care to our clients.
  • Deliver hygienic and familiar care to our customers
  • Offer our services at fair prices.


Our vision is to establish a unique Dental hospital that provides quality therapy. we take caution when it comes to our clients and their health. We are very careful in infection prevention. We keep our clients’ information strictly conditional. We are in the dentistry sector to improve dental services and dental health by filling the gap between quality therapy and customer demand.